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Services A La Carte:

ISBN# $150

Library of Congress# $150

Copyright Service

Barcodes $50

Editing/Proofreading/typesetting/Layout $3.50 per page

Illustrations (Contact Us For Pricing)

Author Website Design $350+

Photography Services $75+

Book Trailer Creation $99+

Bookmarks/Business Cards $100+

E-Book Distribution $150

Website Hosting $20 Per Month For Site/$50 Per Month for E-Commerce

Press Release/Bio $150

2600+ Library Contacts, 600+ Book Club Contacts. 100+ Prison Contacts $300

Book Cover Design (Contact Us For Pricing)

No upfront fees

And we offer financing

with most packages!

Call today!

Author Fidell James

Amari’s Story of the Arrogant Prince, 2011 (Children’s Fiction)


When I first started thinking about publishing my book, there were many options to send my material out-of-state or online, but what caught my attention most about Tru Soul Publishing was the way Shawna Harrison took her time with me and guided me every step of the way. Other publishers seem too impersonal and money-driven and did not see my vision the way Shawna has. I appreciate her devotion to her authors and her patience. My first book publisher with her was a great success and the illustrator she recommended gave me exactly what I was looking for in a book cover and images. Because of her publishing company and personal networking qualities, I was able to meet others who were interested in my project and it has helped me get my book into one of Nashville’s charter schools. For anyone wanting to work with local talent and someone dedicated and understanding to a first-time author’s concerns, Shawna Harrison and Tru Soul Publishing is definitely that person and company. I cannot thank her enough for helping me realize my dream of becoming a published author.

Fidell James

Author Yvette Bentley


It is truly an honor to give this testimonial of my first experience of publishing a book with TruSoul Publishing Co.

I have always had an undying love to read books and to write creatively. There exists a time period where I was disconnected from both, but the grace of God has allowed me to rekindle that love when I became a member of the Sisters of Ruth Book Club in the fall of 2010. Through the encouragement of fellow members, I began writing my first book in early 2011, which is entitled, “Enhancing the Journey.”

I had the pleasure of Ms. Shawna Harrison, CEO of TruSoul, in June 2011. We were conversing my book and she asked me, “So when are you going to finish your book?” There I sat, faced with a direct challenge, as I stumbled over my words trying to form a response. She then told me that she would be happy to assist me in publishing my book and gave me her contact information. All I could think was, “Really?” “Are you serious?” “Me, publish a book?” After some pondering, procrastination, and finally some praying, I decided that I was ready to move forward with publishing my book and on September 9, 2011, I became the 15th Author to enter into an author-publisher relationship with TruSoul!

My first publishing experience with TruSoul has been absolutely phenomenal! TruSoul offers a number of publishing packages and a la carte services that Ms. Harrison has personalized according to my publishing needs, which has exceeded my expectations. In addition, Ms. Harrison has supported my publishing experience by being accessible, answering questions, providing feedback - all in a professional, motivational, and encouraging manner, with has resulted in a seamless and pleasurable experience.

If you are seeking a publishing experience that is engaging and rewarding, then I highly recommend making TruSoul your TOP CHOICE!

“Expect the unexpected and learn how to trust in it!”

Yvette Wilson Bentley (Author)

Author Shannon Stanton


My name is Shannon Stanton and I am a proud author of a book called UNVEILED LIES...UNLEASHED TRUTH. It took a long time for me to choose the publishing agency that I felt would give me positive results in my efforts to be a successful writer...until I found truesoul. My experience has been absolutely amazing because of the patient and persistance that Shawna Harrison has shown me. She not only pushes me to do the right thing, she also shows up for me when I need her. Truesoul is awesome!! I have been able to acheive my dreams of becoming all that Shawna knew that I could be, even when I couldnt see it for myself. Thanks to Truesoul, I have the ambition, the determination and the encouragement to continue to do what I love to do...and that's write. May God continue to bless you..real good.

Author Shannon Stanton

Author Angie Bee


In May of 2011 I published my first book. Not just any book... this book tells the story of the last of my three suicide attempts.

This story had become my trial sermon and an inspiration to many that knew me; so I knew that when God wanted it to be published, he would send me to the right publisher.

I remember when I first found Tru Soul Publishing on line. The package rates were easy to understand and affordable and I loved the services that were offered. Although I was nervous about telling my story, Shawna Harrison walked me through every step. She patiently explained what I would need. She offered suggestions for improving my story and she stayed up late with me on the phone as I reached my deadlines. She designed the back cover of my book and I remember the first time she called me "Author" - - such a feeling of accomplishment!

Now, my book is for sale on the Tru Soul Publishing website AND on Amazon as a Kindle download. My experience with Tru Soul Publishing was so rewarding that I am actually writing my second book now! I highly recommend Tru Soul Publishing whether you are ready to write your book or not! They can get you ready... just like they did for me!

Da Queen BEE,

Angie BEE

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